>> Announcer: From London,England, it's theCUBE, masking Coupa Encourage '19EMEA, delivered to you by Coupa.

>> Hey, welcome to theCUBE! Lisa Martin on the groundin London at Coupa Encourage.

As a result of I'm within the UK, I’ve to say, you recognize of Sting, proper? Effectively, guess who's right here? Any individual cool sufficient to go by one identify, it's Chandar, the CMO at Coupa.

Welcome again! >> Nice, Lisa, it's nice to be right here.

>> So, this morningkicked off with Rob's discuss all about group.

One of many attention-grabbing issues about Coupa is that this group thatyou guys have constructed.

Speak to me about, I do know$1.

three trillion of spend goes by way of the Coupaplatform, the group.

Speak to me about the way you've cultivated this group at Coupa.

>> Yeah, it's an important query.

Now, should you take a step again, you recognize, individuals don't purchase options,individuals purchase tribal emotions.

And should you suppose it, if youlook at, like, you recognize, should you have a look at a productlike Harley-Davidson.

Anyone can go purchase any bike,however persons are not shopping for the options, they'rebuying the tribal feeling of being a part of that group.

Should you have a look at a productlike Peloton, you recognize, individuals can go purchase, haveany stationary bike or any exercise bike as we speak.

However they need to bepart of that group.

And as my spouse tells me, Sephora, proper? I don't have a variety of expertise with that–>> She's proper.

>> She is true, nice,(Lisa laughs) thanks for the endorsement there.

However once more, it’s aboutbeing a part of the group and other people like that and stuff, and that's what we're doing is, it's the options or the aptitude, it's the group the tribal feeling, and that's what Rob was speaking about, the inspirational attributesof these totally different individuals which are a part of this group, and the way we're tryingto, how we’re constructing this group byshowcasing the good leaders and their attributes andhow they're remodeling change of their organizations, and that's what we'recreating on this convention, the sensation, the #emotion,of I need to be a part of this cool membership, andthat's what we're doing.

>> , a variety of companiestalk about buyer first, buyer centricity.

The group right here is reallyhelping Coupa innovate by itself know-how.

Speak to me about some ofthe issues that, you recognize, since we final spoke, just a few months in the past, which have been impressed bythe voice of the group.

>> Yeah, so, you recognize, thereis this idea of co-creation that Rob talked abouttoday with our group.

And a variety of the communityis impressed by the group and it's for the group.

And we’ve a quantity ofinnovations, 80 plus improvements which have been inspiredin the final one yr by the group.

And even an idea like Supply Collectively that Rob talked about, andthe concept of Supply Collectively is how can we cometogether as one group and drive the bestnegotiated financial savings along with a provider, thisis an concept that's been co-created with the group.

So there's various various things.

You have a look at group intelligence, Rob talked about commodity insights, in addition to various different capabilities that we’re showcasing as we speak, has been pushed, co-created,impressed by the group.

And that's what's nice.

You need to set the innovationagenda for the trade by having this group encourage us.

In actual fact we had our buyer advisory board at each convention thatis occurring for us, and that's what drives toa lot of the innovation that we do as we speak.

>> Talking of consumers,Rob shared a variety of examples throughout his keynote this morning.

I misplaced depend of how manyof your Coupa Spendsetters have been talked about, othercustomers, all with very sturdy enterprise, measurable enterprise outcomes.

I do know tomorrow in your keynote,you're going to be speaking with various clients.

However among the thingsthat are attention-grabbing about what Rob sharedis these are examples that aren't simply aboutrefining procurement and decreasing spend and, it'smuch extra transformative.

Give me a few of your favourite examples of the place that is past enhancing procurement.

>> Yeah, it's an important query.

It's an important query.

And we’ve a quantity ofstories, for instance, tomorrow in my keynote, I'mgoing to be speaking about storytelling, proper.

I'm going to be talkingabout how we will encourage the group by way of storytelling, and nice storytelling startswith nice storytellers.

And these Spendsetters,and we will see them within the hallways right here, wehave discovered about 15 of them, and so they're all greatstorytellers for one cause.

They’ve nice transformative tales in enterprise spend administration, however what makes them an important storyteller is that they're telling a narrative past the boundaries of thebusiness spend administration.

Let me give a few examples, proper.

So one story that I'll spotlight tomorrow is about Jarkko, the CPO of Telia.

Now, I don't know if we all know Telia, however 60% of the phrase's web site visitors goes by way of Telia.

>> 60%?>> 60%.

So on a regular basis morning,trying out coupa.

Com that all of us do.

>> Day-after-day.

>> Or I'm trying atsome much less fashionable websites like Fb or LinkedInor the rest, you're in all probability on the Telia community, particularly on this a part of the world.

And their problem, theirbusiness spend administration problem is, they're prettyfragmented throughout the Nordics and the Baltics and different areas, and now with Jarkko, he'sa strategic crusader, not a employed gun, butmore of a pushed crusader who's are available, transformedthe sourcing operate, made it extra strategic,consolidated seven techniques into one system with Coupa, and had 20,000 staff utilizing that in addition to all of the differentpeople for sourcing, in order that they get theglobal advantages of scale throughout the areas.

Now that's an important businessspend administration story, however what makes him an important storyteller, he's telling a narrative past the boundaries of enterprise spend administration,as a result of he's not speaking about financial savings attainability, he's speaking about environmental sustainability,and the story he talks about is what their initiativeat a board degree is, you recognize, zero emissionand zero waste by 2030, and the way the work that his crew is doing is instantly impacting thatboard degree initiative on how are they drivinga communication technique throughout the provider base toget their environmental plans into the Telia's operations, and the way me measures plans and progress of each provider of their CO2 emission, and the way that's goingto be an express a part of how they work with their suppliers, and the way he’s the trustedadvisor that he’s truly difficult all people torethink this complete concept of supply to pay.

That’s telling a boundarybeyond the boundaries of enterprise spend administration,it's telling a narrative.

In order that's one instance, proper.

>> Is {that a} gentlemanwho's in procurement in finance inside a company? >> He’s the CPO, the procurement–>> That’s having an impression on the sustainabilityfootprint of the corporate.

>> That's proper, so instantly associating with the initiative ata board degree, proper.

So he's shifted it, byshifting the storytelling from speaking about financial savings attainability to environmental sustainability, he shifted the perceptionof the group from one thing that's operational to one thing that's verystrategic within the group.

In order that's one good storytelling.

The opposite one I'll spotlight, an instance, is Matthieu at International Fund.

Now the International Fund is theworld's largest financier of combating malaria, AIDS,HIV in 100-plus international locations.

They disperse $four billionevery yr for that.

And so they have this partnercalled OneWorld.

Org, it's powered by Coupa, thatMatthieu and his crew are doing.

So he may get a greatbusiness spend administration story.

He can say, you recognize, I'vedriven digital transformation, I've performed 99.

9% of my POs are digital, and I've come to this new age of the place, you recognize, on contract spendis being performed, et cetera.

Now what makes him an important storyteller, he's telling the story beyondthe boundaries of BSM once more.

He's speaking a few story of how this, the work that his crew is doing, is instantly impactingsaving 32 million lives.

How they’re treating hundreds of thousands of individuals, get the precise therapy for HIV, assist pregnant moms or on HIV, they get the precise therapy on time, in order that the infants don'tget contaminated with HIV, and the way they're distributinghundreds of hundreds of thousands of mosquito nets all through the world for stopping malaria,by way of this OneWorld device that's powered by Coupa to getthe proper remedy on time.

In order that's hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of lives, however the pace and ease ofevery single remedy to get there, has an impacton the lifetime of that particular person, and that's the story he's telling.

>> That is so attention-grabbing,as a result of it's so frequent for companies to tellthe frequent success story, and a variety of what Coupashares of consumers holding these large whitecards with large numbers of what they're saving are very impactful.

What was the concept behindthe Spendsetters program, 'trigger once I was studying just a few of them in preparation to comehere, it looks as if it was a bit of bit extra in regards to the particular person and the way that particular person hasfacilitated transformation.

Inform me in regards to the concept–>> It's an important level.

There's two elements to it, proper.

One is empirical, two is emotive.

And should you have a look at each ideas, one in every of them is theempirical worth that, sure, in the end Coupa is about driving worth, and that must be as an organization, has a functionality of drivingvalue to our clients.

And that's the empirical worth of you’ve gotten pushed a lot saving, a lot proportion of spend, and you recognize, hundreds of thousands of {dollars}, billionsof {dollars} financial savings et cetera.

Procter & Gamble, for instance,$2.

5 billion in financial savings.

That's the empirical worth.

It's very clear, that's the worth.

However behind that may be a particular person,and that’s the emotive story of what’s that particular person,what’s the private story, what have they gone by way of of their life, what's their, you recognize,nurture and nature, and the way that's influencedthem that's turning into, that made them intothe nice chief as we speak, and that's the emotive storieswe're making an attempt to additionally inform on the Spendsetters website.

So there's the worth aspect of the story, after which there’s theemotive aspect of the story, and the spendsetters.

Comis purely on telling the human tales, becausebehind each buy order is an individual, and we're tellingthe story of that particular person.

>> In order we have a look at the altering function of the Chief Procurement Officer, the altering function offinance choice makers, not simply right here within the UK, and I do know Coupa not too long ago did a examine that confirmed that 96% of UK monetary choice makers mentioned, "Hey, I don't have completevisibility over all my spend", so large alternative there, however even from atransformation perspective, the Spendsetters examples,how is that displaying that Coupa can fundamentallyhelp a enterprise not simply change procurement, however have such huge lasting impacts? >> Yeah, I feel in the end,should you have a look at procurement, you recognize, for it to goas going from operation to strategic, you're justgetting that seat on the desk.

And getting that seat on the desk in any govt discussionis about first aligning to some strategicinitiative that’s essential at that govt desk.

So extra as we align these worth tales and the worth that procurement is driving, by way of these strategicinitiatives which are essential on the board degree, atthe govt degree, the extra the profile andthe extra the R-E-S-P-E-C-T, as we wish to say, and getthat seat on the desk, and that's what thiswhole Spendsetters program is aiming to do is A,showcase the private heroes, and B, showcase howthey're telling tales that align to larger degree initiatives, that's getting them getthat elevate their place and get that seat on the desk.

And that's what the plan is there.

>> So, numerous development.

Second quarter outcomes, Iwas looking at these, revenues up, billings areup, very excessive renewal charges.

So from a customersatisfaction perspective, the info is there toshow that Coupa goes in the precise path.

Out of your perspective, howinfluential are your present, your incumbent clients inhelping potential clients consider Coupa and go, thisis the precise choice for us.

>> It's an important query.

, I say we dwell ina peer-bound world, proper, the place it's actually, we moreand extra, initially, 80 to 90% of consumers'journeys are self directed, as a result of consumers have morepower than ever earlier than, and second of all, something wedo inside our private lives in addition to in enterprise choices, we rely extra on friends and other people we belief to assist us make these choices, proper? From that perspective, our greatest sellers, the perfect sellers wehave on this convention, are our clients.

I simply got here from an govt luncheon, the place we had 50% of the room was clients and 50% of the room was prospects, and we had our greatest sellers,not our salespeople, our clients speaking to the prospects, in actual, authenticconversations of what's worth, what's their journey, whatdid they battle with, and what are the teachings realized, and the way did they get there.

And people are reallymeaningful interactions that in the end is goingto make a prospect, affect a prospect on whatdecision they must make.

>> Completely.

>> In order that's very, crucial from us, after which offering a platformfor this genuine dialog and these genuine interactions.

That's essential for us.

And likewise, I feel, you recognize,in the end in a SaaS enterprise, the true measurement of success,I say is 2 issues, proper.

One is what I name lifetime worth, and two is the variety of model advocates.

So the concept there if someoneis staying with you longer and supplying you with lifetime worth, and is shouting from the rooftop that I actually love myinteraction with this model, then invariably you'redriving worth to them in a long run approach.

And that's actually thetrue measure of success, and that's what excitesus from our perspective.

>> And is the muse of that belief? >> The muse of that’s two issues.

It's belief primarily based on worth, proper, and also you've bought to delivervalue, and Rob has an important line the place he talks about, it’s notabout buyer satisfaction, it's about buyer success.

'Trigger many instances acustomer could also be happy, could probably not know what theirsuccess metrics actually imply, but it surely's not aboutsometimes a buyer is probably not happy, however actually achieve success since you're driving the true metrics what’s essential to the client.

So when you get the worth delivered, and do it in an open, genuine approach, then, in that case,there's belief that construct, and primarily based on that belief,you earned that belief, and that turns into the foundationof the lifetime worth.

>> We have been speaking about, effectively, we, Rachel Botsman was talkingabout the significance of a model, any model, incomes belief.

Lots of instances she gavethat instance in her keynote the place she confirmed threebrand logos, Uber, Fb, and Amazon, and mentioned,belief is so contextual and so subjective, butclap for which model you belief essentially the most.

And it's so attention-grabbing whenshe began speaking about, Fb bought the least,in actual fact Fb bought no applause in any respect, Iwas anticipating just a few people (Chandar laughs)to perhaps do some clapping, however Amazon being the clear winner, and I assumed, yeah, I belief Amazon to ship no matter it’s that I purchase after they say they're going to ship it, and she or he mentioned she truststhem to do the identical, however, would you belief themto pay their taxes on time– >> Chandar: Certain.

>> So when she startedtalking about belief being subjective and contextual,it actually sort of adjustments the entire dynamic.

>> Chandar: It does.

>> In order that earned belief,but in addition the flexibility to cut back the danger thatyour clients are dealing with, whether or not it's overpaying suppliers or paying duplicate invoices, that belief threat stability seemspretty crucial as effectively.

>> Ti does, it does.

It's an attention-grabbing perspective.

I feel as a result of, in that case of Amazon, I feel there's operational belief, that they're going to get the job performed and ship the no matter you ordered in at some point with frameor two days with frames, that is operational belief.

However is there a trustin the sense of goal is the place she was going with, proper.

And as we speak for organizations, particularly with the millennial crowd, as being clients in addition to staff, the query is, you canget operational belief, however you even have a way ofpurpose that they belief in, and have that be, and beauthentic as a company.

And that's why is say it’s not being, you speak about AI, asartificial intelligence, the true AI is genuine interactions.

>> Lisa: Genuine interactions.

>> And that's actually theauthenticity as a model, being open, and acknowledge your failures however attempt for excellence for achievement, and have this open platformwith your clients, and all the time look in the direction of including worth.

I feel that invariably, over time, creates this belief feeling that in the end drives long run lifetime worth for us.

In order that I feel is themost essential factor.

>> Completely.

So inform me once more, which three clients are going to be on stage with you tomorrow sharing their tales? >> It's nice, I’ve three.

One, Procter & Gamble, acompany that my mother is aware of about, my 86-year-old mother.

So one of many best manufacturers,in order that's an important story about, once more, they havea nice enterprise spend administration story, butthey're telling a narrative past the boundaries ofbusiness spend administration and it's a enjoyable story.

After which we're going tohave the International Fund.

Once more, I instructed you, oneof the world's largest financier of fightingHIV, malaria and AIDS.

And we're going to haveTelia, one of many largest telecommunications suppliers.

>> Wonderful.

So actually sort of displaying the breadth of the applied sciences and the industries that Coupa helps to remodel.

>> And the breadth of the personalities, and the individuals behind thatare driving all this modification.

>> Wonderful, effectively Chandar,thanks for becoming a member of me on theCUBE.

I want we have been going to be right here tomorrow to see your keynote,but it surely sounds thrilling and the Spendsetterprogram is actually one which I feel is quitedifferentiated when it comes to telling these transformative tales that you just mentioned are bothempirical and emotional.

>> Sure, thanks Lisa,it's nice to be right here.

>> Likewise.

>> Nice.

>> For Chandar, I’m Lisa Martin.

You're watching theCUBEfrom Coupa Encourage London.

Thanks for watching.